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Midnight Sun runs no paid ads and has no paywall, so we rely on readers’ donations to pay for the writing and editing labour that makes this project possible. If you’ve found the magazine valuable and have the means to chip in, consider becoming a monthly sustainer via Patreon or donating via PayPal. Should you wish to make a large gift (thank you!), please contact us at

Thanks to readers’ support, we now offer not less than CAD $200 and up to CAD $300 for an original feature-length article (as of March 2023), and we’d like to keep boosting those rates, as well as cover our modest operating costs. Our process for developing new writing for Midnight Sun involves significant time and care dedicated to each piece – we aim to publish a small number of thoughtfully edited offerings each month – and your recurring donation helps a lot to make that patient approach sustainable. Besides author fees, our main costs are web hosting/development and a wage for one part-time staff person, who leads our substantive editorial work, manages the website, runs most of our social media, coordinates our volunteer editorial board, and handles the magazine’s general administration. Our vision is to develop Midnight Sun to a level of vibrant activity that would require and sustain at least one full-time staff role or an equivalent number of part-time staff roles, allowing us to devote even more hours to supporting new writers who have important things to say.

Since we launched in May 2021, we’ve published an essay on organizing strategies for hairstylists, a neglected layer of the working class; reflections on Indigenous land defence, and the care that builds the solidarity that strengthens the blockade; poetry about political despair and violence; literary nonfiction on madness as a political tactic and strategy; a new translation of a celebrated poetic reflection on the Paris Commune; a deep dive into storytelling as a radical organizing tool; a moving epistolary essay reaching out to Palestine; a reported feature on how mutual aid and community care networks form a crucial foundation for abolitionist organizing; and much more. Work originating in Midnight Sun has been translated into five languages and republished in outlets that include Spectre JournalTempest Magazine, System Change Not Climate ChangeTaller Ahuehuete, Palestine’s Al-Quds daily newspaper, and Esquerda Online, a journal of the Resistência current of the socialist party PSOL in Brazil.

With your support, our third year will be even more vibrant.

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