Seeking Good Ideas & New Comrades

If you’re interested in contributing writing to Midnight Sun, email us a couple of paragraphs describing the subject you’d like to write about, your argument on the subject, and how that argument addresses this publishing project’s core questions about nurturing a revolutionary socialism for our time: What do we do? And how? And with whom?

We welcome engagements with those questions that take the form of analytical prose, literary nonfiction, poetry, or a hybrid of those or other categories. Our process for developing new writing for Midnight Sun involves significant time and attention dedicated to every piece we commission, with the aim of publishing a small number of thoughtfully edited offerings each month. To get a fuller sense of the kind of work we’re drawn to, please see our About section (and the work we’ve published so far). As we mention there, we’re neither a news magazine nor a scholarly journal, but rather a forum for writing that tries to bridge revolutionary theory and practice, that weds a deep curiosity about how the world works to an urgent interest in how we might organize most effectively for justice. If you feel an affinity with our project, we warmly invite your pitch regardless of how much writing experience you have.

As of July 2022, we offer no less than CAD $200 and up to CAD $300 for original feature article-length work that we commission. We’re fundraising to raise our rates. We’re especially interested in reading pitches by comrades who are too seldom featured in left media: Indigenous and Black and racialized, working-class LGBTQ2+, disabled, and/or without a university education. If you experience oppression on one or more of those bases and would like support in shaping a pitch, or just to bat around article ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out – we’d be excited to chat. We prioritize writers living in so-called Canada but are open to comrades located anywhere. Our article length guidelines are “as short as possible and as long as necessary,” with lots of case-by-case flexibility. We’re happy to consider unsolicited submissions of short articles or a poem or two, though in general we prefer to receive pitches. While we aim to reply to every pitch, we may not be able to do so at all times, and if you haven’t heard from us within three weeks please assume we’re passing. But feel free to try us again!

If you represent another publication that would like to republish or translate work from Midnight Sun, please drop us a quick email to discuss. We’re always eager to connect with others building kindred projects.

By the midnight sun come help us plan for daybreak.