10. 23. 2021

Lobster Summer

Sanchari Sur

from west coast fires                      tendrilling
Ontario skies.                  In less than ten years 
cities will drown.                           Shrieks this season 
                              one billion sea ghosts
sizzling                               through carapace cracks.

Lobster summer               at The Keg
east coast crustaceans.                   Sourced ethically?
              Don’t ask questions.  
                                           Listen                     to ghosts
of last summer’s lobsters.                                           It’s always the Mi’kmaw fisherfolk
                                                                            making do                                      with moderate livelihoods.

                                                            the smoke-bearing winds.
                                the coldest summer
                                                                                                        of the rest of our lives.

Sanchari Sur is a PhD candidate in English at Wilfrid Laurier University, recipient of a 2018 Lambda Literary Fellowship, and co-editor of Watch Your Head: Writers and Artists Respond to Climate Change (Coach House Books, 2020). Their writing can be found in Al JazeeraElectric Literature, and Ploughshares, among others.